New breakthrough in nanoscale detection

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Researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery by
identify the world's most sensitive nanoparticle and measure it from
a distance using light. These super bright nanocrystals,
photostable and backgroundless allow a new approach to
highly advanced fiber optic detection technologies.

The discovery, made by a team of researchers from the
Macquarie University, the University of Adelaide and the University of
Beijing, opens the way to a rapid location and measurement of
cells in a living environment at the nanoscale, as changes that occur
produced in an individual living cell of the human body in
response to chemical signals.

Published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the research
describes a new approach to advanced detection that has been
achieved by assembling a specific form of nanocrystal or "SuperDotTM"
with a special type of optical fiber that allows the
light interacts with minute (nanometric) volumes of liquid.

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