Detect cancer with nanowires

Detect cancer with nanowires

Published in Medical news a report of the work of Harvard's Charles Lieber: “Researchers at Harvard University have found that the producers of molecules indicating the presence of cancer in the body would be prepared to be detected in blood scans by special sets of silicon nanowires - even when these cancer producers constitute only a few hundred billion proteins present in a drop of blood“.

In addition to this exceptional precision and sensitivity, the tiny device also promises to determine the exact type of cancer with a speed that clinicians do not currently have available.

This is one of the first applications of nanotechnology for health and offers a clinical technique that is significantly better than existing ones today."Says author Charles M. Lieber, professor of chemistry at the Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “A set of nanowires can test a mere blood prick in just a few minutes, providing an almost instantaneous scan of different cancer producers. It is a device that could open up substantial possibilities in the diagnosis of cancer and other complex diseases ". See the abstract in Nature Biotechnology.

Source: Foresight, Nanodot, Early signs of cancer found by nanowires

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