10 herbs and spices to fight and prevent cancer

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Natural remedies to shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and reduce the risk of cancer

One of the most common and deadly diseases that people suffer from today is cancer. Despite its deadly nature many times it can be cured with the right medicines and treatments.

In addition to the expensive treatments that treat the disease, there are some herbs and spices that can help us fight cancer with a greater probability of success and / or even prevent it.

For prevent cancer it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we must sleep well, exercise frequently, and eat a balanced diet. To this balanced diet that we will take, we can add the herbs that we will summarize below to ensure the correct prevention of this disease.

1.- Garlic

He Garlic it is a very present food in our kitchen. Studies carried out have shown that consuming garlic regularly helps prevent cancer (especially the of stomach). Its preventive nature has to do with organic sulfur compounds that it contains inside.

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2.- Cayenne

Most people know the cayenne for its spicy property. Besides that, it is a extraordinarily strong antioxidant. Studies carried out have shown that cayenne is toxic to cancer cells. Therefore, by consuming cayenne on a regular basis we can combat the formation of cancers in the body.

3.- Milk thistle (or milk thistle)

He milk thistle it is an ideal plant for improve the health of our liver and to prevent cancer. Both milk thistle and the seeds of the plant itself can be used to remove toxins that could be damaging our liver and / or causing the formation of tumors, thus preventing the active development of cancer.

4.- Turmeric

The turmeric it has too many health benefits to ignore. By consuming a small tablespoon of turmeric a day, we will begin to feel better about our overall health in no time. Among the many properties that turmeric has, in this case we can highlight that it is anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system, improves liver health and fights tumor formation.

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When a person contracts Cancer it can be devastating. There are many expensive medications involved, many doctor visits, many side effects of all the anticancer drugs we take… Luckily there are herbs and spices out there that not only help fight cancer, but also They help reduce the annoying side effects of the medication.

6.- Sanguinaria

The bloodroot is used to prepare a medicine called 'Black salve”Used to treat cancer.

Bloodroot is effective in shrink tumors and we can take it separately naturally (it is not necessary to take it in the form of medicine).

7.- Matricaria

The feverfew it is an aromatic plant similar to chamomile. It was used in a study carried out at New York University to observe its preventive and palliative properties.

The study showed that feverfew was ideal in kill leukemia cells (even more effective than the medication indicated for the current treatment).

8.- Wheat grass

Consuming a small glass of wheatgrass a day we will be increasing our general health dramatically. It is particularly useful for those who are suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment.

He Wheatgrass helps purify the blood, increase oxygen levels and repair the body to continue fighting cancer.

9.- Butcher's broom (ruscus aculeatus)

He butcher's broom contains an active ingredient called "ruscogenins ". This active ingredient reduces the size of tumors and increases the number of cells that fight cancer.

10.- Sheep sorrel

The sheep sorrel helps the tissues in our body to regenerate and return to the state they were in before they got the cancer and began to experience the side effects of treatment. Some suggest that sheep sorrel can be used to kill cancer cells and prevent them from developing again.

6.- Astragalus root

This herb is grown in China and helps fight cancer at various levels. to get started stimulates the immune system. The stimulation of the immune system helps it to identify cancer cells more easily in order to eliminate them more easily and more effectively.

A study carried out showed that cancer patients who took this herb survived twice as long as cancer patients who did not take it.

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