Community quota according to the participation coefficient

Community quota according to the participation coefficient

QUESTION.-I would like to know if within the community quota it is mandatory to pay all expenses according to the participation coefficient of each dwelling. Since I see it unfair because in our community there are studies that pay 49 euros per month and others that pay 130 euros per month and have these services at a ridiculous price.

This quota includes expenses such as: janitor, gardeners, swimming pool, paddle tennis, cleaning, maintenance ... I would like to know if it is mandatory to pay all these expenses according to the coefficient or there are some that must / can be paid in equal parts.

REPLY. Each owner has the obligation to contribute according to the participation quota set in the title, that is, in its deed, or as specially established in the meeting.

In this sense, it is very important to consult the horizontal division deed of the Building in case it contains any type of specific community regulations, regarding the form of contribution to said expenses, since in a certain group or chapter of expenses a different form of contribution can be established in the division deed. to that of the participation fee (for example, in equal parts).

F. Brotons Baldó. Farm administrator

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