How to make eva rubber roses

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How to make eva rubber roses without molds or adhesives

Making flowers with eva rubber is very simple because it is a very easy material to work with and with which you can make great crafts.

In this tutorial we explain how to make some simple and beautiful eva rubber roses that you can use to give as a gift on a special occasion such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other significant date, you can also use them to decorate a table or decorate your room. They are very easy to make and are very beautiful.

To make these foam roses you do not need molds, no glue, or apply heat and they are done in a couple of minutes.

Material needed to make the eva rubber roses:

  • Eva rubber
  • Scissors
  • Green marker
  • Skewer sticks

How to make the eva rubber roses step by step:

  1. Cut some 10x10cm squares to make the petals
  2. Make a small cut in the center of the bottom of each petal
  3. The part of the cut serves to shape the sheet, pass one of the pieces of the cut over the other to shape the sheet and make it a hole in the center (see photo 5)
  4. Now without losing its shape, pass the skewer stick through the two parts of the leaf and you already have your first petal
  5. Do the same with two more petals and you already have the outer part of the rose
  6. Cut the inner petals a little smaller and with the same procedure continue mounting the rose
  7. To finish with the green marker, draw and cut out some leaves that will serve as the basis for the rose. Pass the leaves through the bottom of the skewer and voila, we have the eva rubber rose.

Once the rubber rose is finished, you can stick it on a support so that they remain straight and can be used as an ornament. In my case, I have used some corks from wine bottles, I have made a small hole in them and thus they remain straight.

If you want you can also put some more detail like a leaves on the stem or use a label to put the name of the person you are giving it to or a nice phrase.

In case you have doubts about how to make the rubber roses, you can watch this video in which we explain it step by step:

Video: Making Glitter foam flowers. how to make easy rose using waste sheet paper. nakali phool banana


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