Registration Certificate / Registration Certification

Registration Certificate / Registration Certification

Registration certificate. Document legitimized and issued by the Property Registry, in which the status of loads of a farm or house.

Is registration certification It is a simple procedure that will guarantee the legal security of your property and that you must collect every time you go to formalize the purchase of a home. Who claims to be the owner, is it really? Is there any type of mortgage or foreclosure on the home? ... If you want to buy on insurance and avoid unpleasant surprises, before signing a contract, a deed, be sure.

The Property Registry will provide you with the necessary information to verify what the seller says: from the physical description of the home to the title to it and the charges that may fall on it.

The certification or registration certificate, unlike the simple notewhich has purely informative value, has the character of a public document granting a presumption of legality to the acts and contracts registered in it reflected, and are under the protection and protection of the Courts.

Video: ISO Certification Process online. Registration. Eligibility. Validity. Simple and easy. (September 2020).