CReal Golf Club of Tenerife

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Considered the 2nd oldest golf course in Spain, The RealClub de Tenerife was founded in 1932. It was designed by several prestigious players from our Club, Mr. Andrés Alberto, Mr. Antonio Lucena, Mr. Joaquín Laynez and Mr. Aureliano Yanes.

It should be noted that the Real Club de Golf de Tenerife received by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation the plaque for the Golf Merit in 2001, as well as the Title of "Famous" awarded by the dean newspaper of the Canary press "Diario de Avisos" in our 50th anniversary.
It has a total length of 5694 meters. It is located 500 mts. from sea level and is located in a grove of trees.

Basic information about Real Club de Golf de Tenerife

Address and location:


Tel .: 922 63 66 07
Fax: 922 63 64 80
Email: [email protected]

How to get:

Nearest airport:

How to get there from Tenerife South airport
How to get there from Tenerife North airport

Nearest hotels:

Services and facilities:

Cafeteria, Restaurant, Social Hall, Paddle tennis courts, Pro-Shop Store, Club rental, Buggies rental, manual and electric carts, Pupillage of carts, clubs and buggies for members, Driving range, Arranged classes, Ample free parking.

Field type: Commercial and private

Number of holes: 18, par71

Season: Open all year long

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