What is the worst about each zodiac sign?

What is the worst about each zodiac sign?

All zodiacal signs or horoscopes have their qualities and a whole variety of positive points, but they also have some negative traitstypical of each sign, which can be the worst that characterize us. Of course, we may not have them, but there is that for those who have not known how to polish themselves and give the best of themselves.


Aries are intolerant and they believe that they are always right. They are ambitious, cold and calculating. They despise mediocrity.


Taurus are big heads, stubborn and do not want to give their arm to twist. It is very difficult to make them change their minds. They are jealous and possessive. Protectors in excess. They are resentful and hold a grudge forever. If something doesn't interest them, they can be messy and superficial. Capricious.


Geminis are too restless and are easily deconcentrated. They can become scattered and superficial. They start many things at the same time and do not finish them. They are immature and fickle. They are libertine and changeable.


Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive, so much so that sometimes they don't even understand each other. They are jealous, suspicious, and possessive. In their outbursts of rage they can send everything to ride and stay so wide. They distrust people and are very changeable.


The Leos they're so self-confident, who intend to fix everyone's life. They are dominant and bossy. They distribute tasks to everyone as if they were the masters of the world. They can be proud, arrogant, and believe themselves above others.


Virgos are too modest, closed, distrustful and aseptic. They can become very insecure and self-conscious. They can become so perfectionists, they are obsessive. They are obsessive about order, cleanliness, planning and healthy living.


Libras are classists, elitist, demanding. Sometimes they are too superficial and insecure, because they have a hard time making decisions. They need the approval of their environment, to proceed. They can be frivolous and unfair. You are always in the hottest sun, jackets. They can be gossipy and picky.


Scorpios are direct and insensitive at times. They say things the way they think them, without thinking about how they can feel to others. If they consider that someone has played it, they are vengeful and cold. They are controllers and manipulators. They can be arrogant, critical, and destructive of themselves and others.


Sagittarians are overly optimistic and irresponsible. You can be too restless, fickle, careless. They can be forgetful and miss details. They think they are cultured and know-it-all. They tend to be immature for a long time. They really take responsibility for their life to maturity.


Capricorns are classists, elitist, demanding, calculating and materialistic. They find it difficult to value the simple things, so many things are lost and life becomes bitter. His excess of demand, of zeal and of bitter perfection to his family. They are ambitious and selective, which isolates them a bit.


Aquarians are very demanding, cold and impenetrable. Under his smile hides a cold and calculating mind. They always hope to receive the same as they have given to their partner and their friends, otherwise their disappointment is monumental. Despite being open, they have a hard time surrendering. Your anger and anger can be exaggerated and misunderstood.


Pisces are idealists, sensitive, romantic, imaginative and often create "their world" of unreality. Sometimes they lose touch with reality. They are vulnerable, influenceable and changeable. They can become promiscuous and frivolous.

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