New Vueling services

Low cost companies like Vueling reinforce their services. These are the news:

  • More days for online check-in: instead of the 2-day deadline, one week in advance.
  • Vueling Magazine: Ling Magazine. Ling Magazine is the new Vueling magazine.
  • Location of luggage. For this, the passenger only has to enter a code to see where their luggage is.
  • Vueling XL seats. this proposal is very interesting. For just € 10 more, Vueling passengers can choose these larger XL seats to relax, use the laptop or read the newspaper more calmly.
  • Vueling points: car rental with vueling to get more air points (every € 15 spent, 1 point). By providing the email at the time of booking, points are added.

These new vueling services improve the quality of some aspects of the flights.

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Video: NEW!! Vueling Airlines A321-231SL Departing from Barcelona-El Prat

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