Field trips

<strong>Field trips</strong>

When a rider already knows how to handle the horse on the track in a natural way, it is when he is ready to go out into the field.

A walk through the countryside is one of the most comforting pleasures that horse riding has.

We will find ourselves facing situations that are unthinkable on the training track, we must ride safely, cross streams, open fences, cross roads, turn and many more things that we surely had not even imagined.

For a rider to go out alone in the field, that is, without a companion, is a BIG MISTAKE, you should never go out alone to the field, since the surprises that we can take are unsuspected. hear Anything and get scared, a simple barking dog can make the horse get up in a second and throw the rider, then the horse will run away and the problem has planted in front of us without time to react. Also, a fall on the field is not the same as one on the training track, there are stones, sidewalks, it is an open place ...

Some basic rules to be able to go out to the field and have a good time:

Climbing hills:

The balance of the rider with his horse is the most important thing to do it correctly.
We will have to throw the weight forward, leaning towards the mane to relieve the back of the horse.
We will be in a position in which we will be in suspension, lifting our ass to go up with the horse.

Going down hills:

To go down hills, the horse will need freedom of the head and neck, but without letting go of the reins and not hanging by the mouth to balance ourselves.
We will have to lean back, so that we stay in a vertical position, when the horse is on the slope. Legs a little forward.

These exercises are very good for putting the horse in shape, especially to help the horse that is going to dedicate itself to competition.
Uphill work makes the horse stimulate the whole body, exercise the muscles of the rump and back. Galloping up a hill slowly equals three times the same slope on a flat level. Another exercise is to go up the bank at a short canter, this will be very useful to see and control the horse's strides, as they are long. Perfect for jumps.
Work downhill it should always be done slowly, in step. An expert horse can manage on his own to go down hills, he only has to maintain his balance and let him choose the path and speed.

Montaren road:

The ideal is to ride in a single file, when the roads are narrow or with traffic, always following the direction of the traffic. If the road is wide, you can go in pairs, to make yourself more visible, and always in the direction of traffic.
When a rider is inexperienced or a horse is young, he has to be paired with another who has experience, placing himself inside.
Obey traffic rules, give thanks when cars slow down, signal with your hands that you are going to turn or stop.
Never use the whip to warn or indicate.
If the road is icy, the horse is easier to slip, try to ride at noon on winter days when temperatures rise the most.

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