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According to Smalltimes, British and Russian scientists have discovered a new material that is only one molecule thick. This new scientific advance can be applied to the manufacture of microchips.

The material is called graphene, and it is made up of a giant, two-dimensional, flat molecule capable of conducting an electrical signal. This new nanomaterial is from the same family of fullerenes (fullerenes) - the carbon molecules that make up nanotubes - and has been discovered by scientists at the universities of Manchester (UK) and Chernogolovka (Russia).

The electronic property of this nanomaterial allows its use for the manufacture of a stable and ultra-fast transistor. Its strength and flexibility means that the transistor can have ultra-small dimensions, which in turn allows it to operate with incredible speeds because the distances that the electronic signals have to travel are shorter.

According to scientists, graphene may be available for industrial use within about 10 years.

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