13 curiosities about libraries

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With the advent of the Internet, the time we spend in libraries has decreased considerably, but libraries continue to be part of our history and the history of libraries runs parallel to the appearance of writing and the first papyri and books.

In the beginning, libraries were the place where the record of all religious, economic and political activity of Mesopotamian cities was kept and in the time of ancient Greece they evolved into forms that can be considered as antecedents of the current ones.

Fun Things About Libraries You Will Like To Know

1. The construction of the first building dedicated to the storage and preservation of reading archives is due to the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, in the century VII BC., who ordered to build it in the city of Nineveh, near the Tigris River, a few kilometers from the present city of Mosul, in Iraq.The Ashurbanipal library is estimated to have about 1,500 tablets, each containing eighty and up to 200 lines of text.

2. Abdul Kassem IsmaeHe was the owner of the firstmobile library of which there is a record and it was in theX century when this man traveled with his collection of papyri, codices and parchment with the help of camels trained to walk in a determined way so as not to disturb the content of this treasure that was nothing more and nothing less117,000 documents, collection of this Persian vizier.

3. The libraries of antiquity did not open their doors to just anyone; only some, the chosen ones, could consult its contents.

4. The first known public libraries are located in the Rome of Julius Caesar, about three thousand years after the appearance of writing.

5. In 330 BC the famous library of Alexandria was built, in Egypt, which contained 700,000 papyrus scrolls with the most select of Greek literature and science. It was set ablaze by a mob of Christians in 640 AD.

6. In Egyptlibraries were wisely called "The treasure of soul remedies”Because in it the enemy number one of this, ignorance, was fought.

7. The National Library of Sarajevo was premeditatedly bombed by Bosnian Serb troops in 1992, and in 2003 more than a million volumes were burned in the Iraqi national library. The two libraries had unique old specimens; its value, incalculable. Almost impossible to believe this is happening yet.

8. The University of Kansas It has one of the most adequate fronted libraries any can have, huge books are the first thing you see when you are in front of her. A very similar one exists in Missouri. U.S.

9. The Beinecke Library of Manuscripts and Rare Books Belongs to the Yale University Library (Connecticut, United States). His name speaks for itself: specializes in rare books, for those who usually consult it are mostly researchers. She is the current owner of the Voynich Manuscript, written about 500 years ago by an unknown author in an unidentified alphabet and an incomprehensible language (the so-called voynichés). Too holds a copy of the first Gutenberg Bible, the first book from a movable type printing press.

10. Professor Cristopher Maurer, a specialist in Spanish literature, found a manuscript written by Federico García Lorca in the Library of Congress in Washington. It is the draft of one of the poems included in "Poet in New York", one of the best known books by this great writer.

11. The largest libraries in the world are in Washington, United States, and it is of course, the Library of Congress. Made up of three buildings where you can find not only books, but also maps, comics, films, recordings, microfilms, as well as all the Twits published since this social network was inaugurated (Twitter)

12. There is already a library that surely will soon surpass all the others in content, The World Digital Library(Library of Congress), which everyone can access with just one click, and where can we find such exceptional documents as Gutenberg's Bible, among others.

13. The largest floating library in the world travel in the Queen marie 2, housing 6,000 volumes during his journey from London to New York.

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