Star Trek and his loves

Star Trek and his loves

It may seem that between so much spaceship, so much fighting, so much blood and so many explosions, there is no time for love. And it shows Star trek, the (hopefully) endless space saga, queen of the genre along with Star wars (So ​​much ride, ride so much ... And so much so that they share the director: JJ Abrams, creator of Lost, is responsible for the latest installments of both blockbusters), who has just conducted a survey among his fans to choose the most beautiful of the love relationships that have occurred in his twelve installments. Here they go:

Worf and Jadzia Dax: 25%

Riker and Deanna Troi: 20%

Paris and B’Elanna Torres: 15%

Odo and Kira: 9%

Quark and Latinum: 7%

Chakotay and Janeway: 6%

O'Brien and Keiko: 5.5%

Picard and Vash: 5.5%

Kirk and Edith Keller: 5%

Geordi and Leah Brahms: 2%

Do you agree? Do you miss a couple? Be that as it may, we'll see you in theaters!

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