Digestion cut

<strong>Digestion cut</strong>

What is a digestion cut?

To define the typical digestion cut, before you have to refer to what it is "The digestion".

Digestion is the process in which the food that is ingested is transformed into simpler substances to be absorbed.

When it is in full digestion, when entering the cold water, there is a lack of blood in the digestive system since it moves to organs such as the skin to balance the change in temperature of our body with the water, then, it can give us a digestion cut.

Also, after having been exposed to the sun or after having carried out physical exercise, if we submerge ourselves under water, the same thing can happen, the difference in temperature that exists between our skin and the water can cause the appearance of the same symptoms.

It can happen to any person, age is independent here, in a way. We must pay special attention to children, since they are the ones who enjoy the most in the water at all hours and do not know about the possible dangers and the elderly with a low heart rate, who are the most at risk.

Symptoms of digestion cut:

We can notice:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Cramps
  • Shaking chills
  • Sickness
  • Sweat

At the slightest sensation of one of these symptoms, you should get out of the water immediately, since the probability of suffering a cardiac arrest is low.

First aid before digestion cut

As it is better to prevent than to cure, before curing, we will refer to prevention, which, if followed, will remove us from these problems.

Beyond what has always been said and all the stories he told us about the digestion cut ... it is true. The digestion cut exists, and it is not a Chinese story for us to let our parents sleep in the nap.

It is convenient to get used to resting the food an average of two to three hours before bathing in the water.

Once the time has elapsed, it is better if we submerge little by little, accustoming our body to the new temperature of the water, much colder than us.

In the event that a person becomes unconscious in the water, they must be removed immediately and notify the emergency room.

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