Six alternatives to WhatsApp (with Facebook and double check)

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There are these six alternatives to WhatsApp (in case you run away from Double check)


WhatsApp's biggest competitor is Line, an instant messaging application that allows users to send text, picture, video and audio messages, as well as make video conferences and phone calls over the Internet.
The Line messaging application is available for almost all computers and mobile platforms, including Windows, OS X, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia's Asha, and even Firefox OS. See more on Line.

Its users say it is the best by far.
Telegram has App for IOS and Android. It is very fast in delivering messages. No Ads.
As easy as WhatsApp and with a desktop version thanks to its API. See more on Telegram Messenger

Kik Messenger
Another alternative messaging application, Kik Messenger sends texts, images and voice messages through the data connection of the user's smartphone, avoiding the messaging charges from mobile operators. A web browser is also integrated into the application that allows users to browse the content and share it directly with their friends.
Kik is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, as well as from Nokia's Ovi store. See more on Kik Messenger.

The BlackBerry Messenger application is the grandmother of instant messaging applications for phones. Originally it was only available as an integral part of BlackBerry smartphones, allowing the secure sending of instant messages between BlackBerry users, but in September 2013 it became available for Android and iPhone, making it cross-platform. However, at the moment BlackBerry has no plans to bring BBM to other platforms such as Windows Phone. See more at BBM.

Viber, a messaging application that started out as a direct competitor to Skype by allowing free voice calls, has expanded by adding a cross-platform messaging client.
Viber is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as Bada, from Samsung, and Series 40 and Symbian, from Nokia; also for desktop, making it one of the most widely available messaging applications. All users can send text messages, photos, and video messages using Viber, but voice calls and some other features are limited to the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. See more on Viber.

Google Hangouts
In 2013 Google launched Hangouts. Available for desktop, Android and iPhone.
Hangouts allow users to send text and images, as well as hold video calls and group messaging with reading status and writing indicators. Hangouts is also built into Gmail.
It is one of the best applications to communicate online. With Google Glass it is ideal to share the vision of an event, meeting, exhibition, etc. See more on Google Hangouts.

Skype may be known for voice and video calls, but it also has a robust instant messaging feature.
Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, as well as desktops, landlines, televisions, and video game consoles, Skype enables users to send text messages, pictures, videos, voice messages, and group messages. See more on Skype.

The others
Of course, you can keep turning to WhatsApp.
And there are many other messaging apps, including:

  • WeChat - widely used in China, but still being introduced in Europe -
  • Tango and TextFree;
  • Apple's iMessage, which came out only for the iPhone and iPad, but is now available for Apple computers as well.

Facebook bought the messaging application WhatsApp, so those who have been avoiding uploading personal information to the world's largest social network might consider switching to another instant messaging service.

Since WhatsApp relies on phone numbers rather than usernames, Facebook has actually just bought a list of hundreds of millions of phone numbers.

“Currently, WhatsApp can change its terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification to users, something that many people who use this service are not aware of. Meanwhile, Facebook already has a very broad copyright license on people's content and already shares their data with many other services, ”explains StJohn Deakins, CEO of online identity service Citizenme. “Now that Facebook has bought WhatsApp, more and more private information could become part of Facebook's database. From a personal information point of view, this is extremely worrying. "

Updated: November 6


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