How to make cinnamon essential oil step by step

How to make cinnamon essential oil step by step

Cinnamon is extracted from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree and although it is often used as a spice in cooking, it has many other uses.

The essential oil of cinnamon has anti-viral properties to prevent diseases such as diarrhea, E.coli and salmonella (ideal to take with us on a trip when we travel to different countries) It also contains powerful chemicals that help fight bacteria and fungi . It can also be consumed to improve our health, immune system and mental functions.

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To consume the essential oil of cinnamon, simply put one or two drops of essential oil in a cup of hot water and drink the mixture. When we travel to foreign countries, it will be advisable to drink several cups a day to prevent.

How is cinnamon essential oil made?

To make the essential oil of cinnamon we will need cinnamon sticks (it is better that they are left over), a glass jar with a hermetic closure to make the oil, a glass bottle to store the oil (preferably amber or green in color so as not to leave enter the light) and olive oil.

  • 1.- The first thing we will do is fill the glass jar with cinnamon sticks, leaving as little free space as possible.
  • 2.- Once we have placed the cinnamon sticks in the jar, what we will do is pour olive oil into the jar until all the cinnamon sticks are covered.
  • 3.- Place the jar in a warm (not cold) place and close it properly to isolate the mixture from the environment.
  • 4.- Leave the jar in that place for about 3 weeks and shake the mixture once a day so that the cinnamon releases its oils.
  • 5.- After these 3 weeks the cinnamon sticks will have released all their oil. Using a cloth, strainer or something similar, we will strain the cinnamon oil and place it in an amber glass bottle (if it can be).
  • 6.- Store essential oil in a cool, dry place and use when needed.

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