DIY: How to place skirting boards on floating parquet

DIY: How to place skirting boards on floating parquet

One way to "dress" the floor of a living room or kitchen is by placing skirting boards, or skirting boards, throughout the room. If we have placed a floating parquet floor (see renovating kitchen with a low budget), the skirting boards must be of the same material and the same color.

Attaching skirting boards or skirting boards is a simple DIY job if the following steps are followed.

Tools needed to place baseboards: a saw, a support for miter cutting, a square, a pencil, sandpaper, a meter and special glue for zocolos.

Steps to follow

1. Measure the entire perimeter of the room where the skirting is going to be installed - skirting boards are sold in standard sizes. It is always good to calculate an extra meter for the losses in the cuts.

Important- Take a sample of the parquet to the store first to select the tone and type of the skirting board. There are many different shades of parquet depending on the type, the price and the supplier. We advise you to buy the skirting boards in the same store where you bought the parquet sheets at the time.

2. Measure the area where you are going to place the skirting board and the skirting boards and onceOnce the measurements have been calculated, Cut with the miter saw or straight.

It is miter cut when skirting boards have to be joined on an inside or outside edge.

The miter cutter must be used.

3.With sandpaper it is convenient to remove the burrs gently in the area where the cut has been made, leaving it completely smooth.

Once all the pieces have been cut, put them in place to see if they fit well BEFORE YOU APPLY THE TAIL. Do not start gluing the skirting boards before making sure they all fit perfectly.

4. Once you have checked that they fit well, you can apply the glue to the base and place it in place by pressing for one minute.

Repeat this process for all the pieces.

This type of zocolose can be obtained in most DIY stores such as Ikea, Aki, Leroy Merlin ... and in some hardware stores.

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