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Key Features: Encarta Encyclopedia, two hours

MSN officially launched MSN Search around the world today after months of waiting and some delay over initially planned plans. The search engine, developed entirely by Microsoft, has been in beta (testing) since November 2004.

As the main bait, users can search Encarta, until now a redoubt of payment. It is not known if this service will be closed once the MSN search engine is promoted

Microsoft's new algorithmic engine is accompanied by a series of additional tools that try to give the user greater control in defining the search for information.

Search tools

At the moment, only in the United States all MSN Search search tools are fully incorporated:

  • The direct answer service (Direct Answers)
  • The local search "Near to me"
  • Access to over 40,000 MSN Encarta articles
  • Integration with MSN Music
  • Searching for files on the hard drive, among others.

Apparently in the coming months these services will be fully incorporated in all geographical areas, including Spain.Google searches - Microsoft

A few months ago we said that for Microsoft's contribution to technology to have an impact and to challenge Google for its leadership, their contributions should be significantly higher, this was also a widespread opinion among the best-known analysts.

Comparing search results, making a quick comparison with Google, does not yield superior results. Google's algorithm seems much more worked when correcting some elementary errors that can be found in some of the searches. It is true that the Microsoft style has been forged in the progressive learning derived from users. We are in a typical Microsoft CPCP and we will have to see how it evolves. Victor Castro, the Country Manager of MSN Spain has stated that “The step taken today is the first in a race that will lead us to progressively incorporate new improvements to our service, since the search segment must be conceived as a market in continuous innovation and improvement to help our users.

Again, encarta

Perhaps one of the services with the greatest hook among certain types of users are the Direct Answers from Microsoft Encarta. This service directly offers more than 1.4 million responses provided by MSN Encarta, which are joined to the results generated by the search engine of MSN Search. The answers are grouped by categories such as geographic locations, historical or popular figures, definitions, mathematical operations, conversions, and solution to equations. For example, users may ask "what is the longest river in the world?" or the solution to a mathematical operation. Questions that Google also answers, including definitions and concepts across the web.

Encarta has arguably had to come to the aid of a search technology that could still be improved ...

Search related advertising

Microsoft incorporates advertising (Overture) into its search results following in the footsteps of Yahoo and Google. It therefore enters openly to dispute this market with its competitors. The advantage of Google today are its many allies through the network with its adsense program and the characteristics that surround its brother “adword”. Microsoft continues its usual business line.

In summary, a period opens in which the market will certainly attend an important competition in which search technology will be only one of the aspects on which the competition will develop. Today, Google still wins.

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