How to make paper bags with envelopes

How to make paper bags with envelopes

How to make homemade gift paper bags.

Let's do some paper gift bags with paper envelopes. This is one of those useful crafts that comes in handy to learn for those occasions when you run out of wrapping paper or just want to make a gift or personalized detail.

Learning how to make gift bags with paper come great especially at Christmas, in addition to saving a little we can customize them as we like, we can decorate them with stickers, with stickers, with washi tape, you can paint them by hand or stamp some nice stamps. You can make them with white envelopes or with colored envelopes and they are very beautiful.

You can also use them for parties or birthdays and fill them with popcorn, sweets, cookies ... A tip if you are going to use them to fill with edible things I recommend you not to put the food directly in the envelope because it will stain, better to put the sweets or cookies in a plastic bag and then use the gift paper bag as a wrapper.

Materials needed to make paper bags with envelopes:

  • Paper envelopes
  • Wavy cut scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Tissue paper or cellophane paper
  • Colored thread, ribbon or rope (for the handles)
  • Normal scissors
  • Drill
  • Washi tape, stickers, various ornaments(depends on how you want to decorate it)

How to make the paper bags with envelopes:

  1. The first thing is to close the flap of the envelope with adhesive tape or glue (if you use glue, let it dry well)
  2. With the wavy cutting scissors we make a cut in one of the narrower sides of the envelope.
  3. We put the smooth part of the envelope upside down and on the back we are going to make a small fold of about a couple of cm on the two sides and the bottom part (the one that we have not cut). We mark the folds well.
  4. At this time you can decorate it as you like best
  5. We put our hand in the envelope through the part that we have cut and open it to shape the bottom, we have to make the two sides form a small triangle that we will fold down to make the base of the bag. When you have the two folded triangles, put some tape or glue to fix them.
  6. To finish, make a couple of holes in the upper part of the bag to be able to pass tape or thread and to be able to make the handles of your bag (you can also do it without handles and close it with a label or sticker, or simply leave it open)
  7. You can finish your decoration by putting a little tissue paper or cellophane paper so that the inside of the envelope is not visible

In case you have any questions, we have prepared an explanatory video with the steps to follow

Video tutorial: how to make paper bags with envelopes step by step:

What do you think? Easy right, they are great for me, I hope you like it

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Video: Envelope Making With Paper Without Glue Tape and Scissors at Home (September 2020).