Flirting: body postures and signals

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The importance of body language and how to interpret the signs

We are going to deal today with the importance and meaning of our positions that we must be very attentive to when we intend to flirt with another person.

Sometimes we focus excessively on what we say, how we speak, or even on our facial expression (happy, sad, polite, interested, etc.) and we forget the language of our body or that of the person in whom we are interested.

The analysis of the position of a person can give us valuable advice and so do we we can use our body to "communicate" positively with that person.

We must bear in mind that a person may be smiling at us and even nodding with affirmative movements of his head but perhaps with his body he is expressing the opposite. How do you know?

Unfavorable positions

  • If only the head is directed towards you, with the rest of the body in another direction, it is a sign that you are not grabbing the attention of that person.
  • Even if the feet are turned in the opposite direction from where you are, it can be a sign that his attention is directed elsewhere or that he is thinking of leaving.
  • A backward leaning posture with the head resting on one hand is a sign of boredom.
  • "Closed" postures, such as crossed arms or perfectly crossed legs can indicate disagreement or that you do not like the situation, or even the person.

More positive signs and postures

The signs are more positive if in general the person's body is more directed towards you, if you are leaning forward and in an "open" posture. These positions are favorable and indicate interest, attention and being comfortable with the situation.

Experiments on body language have also shown that women are more likely to tilt your head to the side if you are interested in the person you're talking to.

Men must be careful and not automatically interpret these signs as indicating sexual interest. And of course, women must be aware of the tendency of men to think such premises and, therefore, perhaps they should avoid this type of "signaling".

How to connect with the body: the technique of the "echo or body reflection"

Another positive sign is what psychologists call "postural reflex" or "postural echo" (postural echo) that occurs when the person unconsciously adopts a posture similar to yours. That is, a mirror of your posture. That would indicate affinity, strong harmony in the relationship between the couple.

Actually, the “body reflex” technique can be used as a flirting technique to create a feeling or atmosphere of togetherness and harmony.

Experiments have shown that people who are not aware that this type of technique is being carried out consciously or deliberately, evaluate the person more favorably.

That is, if you try to "echo" the positions of another person, he or she will not only feel more comfortable in your company, but will also perceive a greater affinity of ideas and thought.

Obviously this technique has its limitations. It is not recommended that a woman in a mini-skirt, for example, should practice a body echo technique by spreading her legs. But, for example if you lean forward with your left forearm resting on the table, you can create a 'doubled' sense of common identity if the person you are speaking to is leaning forward with their right forearm on the table.

Seductive postures

Finally there would be those positions that They have seduction as motivation and that vary according to whether they are adopted by men or women. In general, these postures tend to enhance the male or female attributes respectively.

Seductive postures in men

Men in general tend to adopt postures that make them appear taller, broader in the shoulders, and physically impressive.

To do this, they put their hands in their pockets, with their elbows at the sides to expand their chest, or by placing their hand over their shoulder to appear taller and more imposing.

Seductive postures in women

Women also adopt postures that make them appear more attractive or smaller, such as bringing the knees closer to the body when seated, or postures to draw attention to the physical attributes that attract men, such as "arching" the back to show the breasts or cross and re-cross the legs to draw attention to them.

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