Meaning of name Eliseo

Meaning of name Eliseo

Elysium, male name of Hebrew origin "El-i-shúah", derived from Latin as"Eliseus", its meaning "God is my health"or"God is my salvation"

History and the Saint

Saint Elisha, Hebrew prophet; according to the Old Testament disciple and successor of Saint Elijah, surpassing the latter in the number of miracles. He lived during the middle of the 9th century BC; son of Safat. According to legend, Eliseo is chosen directly to follow Saint Elias; He was plowing in the field when the prophet Elijah appeared to him and invited him to spread religion. He said goodbye to his family, got rid of his tools and killed his oxen to distribute their meat among his co-workers. He becomes the successor of Saint Elias when he disappears and inherits his spirit. The miraculous narrations surrounding him were told by his servant Gejazí.
His Saint is celebrated on June 14.

Variant of Elisha

Elysium in other languages:

  • Catalan: Eliseu;
  • French: Elise,
  • English: Elisha;
  • Italian: Elysium

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Elisha:

  • Elysee or Champs Elysees; Hellenic paradise in Greek mythology, a place of peace and happiness; instead in Roman mythology it means a place in the underworld to reward the virtuous dead.

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