Short jokes of Grandparents

Short jokes of Grandparents

Today as a tribute to all the elderly, that their occurrences and experience are always of great help and cause for joy, we dedicate these jokes to you. SHORT GRANDPARENT JOKES:

  • Hey Pedrito, can I make you pee? - Nooo, give me the grandmother ... who has Parkinson's.
  • A grandmother, in the middle of a religious service, bends over and whispers in her husband's ear: - Pepe, I just farted silently… What should I do?… And the husband answers: - Now nothing woman, but later Replace the batteries in the hearing aid.
  • He was such an old guy, so old that instead of having sperm he had spermatosaurs.
  • There are two grandmothers on a bench in the park and one of them says to the other: - Pedro shabesh una cosha? And the other says: - Tell me, Manolo. And Pedro exclaims: - I'll fuck tomorrow! To which Manolo responds: - And I fatatas!
  • He was such an old man, so old, so old, that he met the Dead Sea when he was sick.
  • My grandfather came to America seeking freedom… But it didn't help him much: my grandmother came on the next ship.
  • When my grandfather was 70 years old, the doctor recommended that he walk 10 km a day… now he is 80 years old and we don't know where he is.
  • Two grandmothers meet in the park and one asks the other: - How old is he? And the other responds 80 something, and the other says - I'm envious I'm 70 and no longer peak.
  • An old lady goes to jail and says to the guard at the door: - I am here to pay a conjugal visit. The guard says: - You grandmother? To a visit of that kind, but with whom? - Ah, well with whoever, with whoever.
  • Dad, dad, how does it feel to have such a handsome son? -I don't know, son, ask your grandfather.
  • Mom, Mom, Grandma has fallen to the ground! - And you have helped her? - No, that's it, she fell by herself.
  • An 80-year-old woman had a date with an 85-year-old man. When she returned home, her granddaughter asked her how it had been, to which the old woman answered: -I had to slap her! The granddaughter asks angrily: - Why, did he want to cross with you? -No, on the contrary, I thought he had already died.

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