Negative thoughts

<strong>Negative thoughts</strong>

Today I am quite a negative person. Perhaps in the last twenty years very good and very bad things have happened to me. Because reasons Negative thoughts that I am not very aware of have been taking over my mind. It seems as if everything that happened to me is bad. At first they were a few, progressively they have been increasing, invading my work, my family, my neighbors ... my life.

I was not aware of the weight of my negative thoughts. A few days ago I counted them. Every time a negative thought came to me, I wrote it down. In just two hours I reached 104 negative thoughts ...!
They were related to everything: my work, my family, society, my friends, and myself.

Deep down I have been thinking about how negative thoughts affect my life and I can tell you that:

  • They exhaust me
  • Makes me unhappy
  • They isolate me
  • Make me pessimistic
  • I cancel any motivation
  • I am countered by joy and energy
  • I have possibilities in my work
  • Make me unpopular with my peers
  • I transfer them to the most loved ones, "I educate them in negativity." They affect my family in very different ways. They create barriers with my children
  • They harm my partner, they take away illusion, enthusiasm, joy ...
  • It prevents me from seeing opportunities and potentialities, they add me to a framework of damages and risks
  • They lead me to a concept of the world I hardly deserve to live in
  • I laugh less and less, you disgust me, even for nonsense. I get irritated with more and more people and more easily
  • It affects my health (headaches, ulcers, aches and pains in the muscles
  • They end up depressing me ...

How did I get to this? At first there were few thoughts, I would say very justified ... but little by little they take hold of one, they make you pessimistic.

As he says Dr Mario Alonso Puig:

"One minute of entertaining a negative thought has been shown in various studies to leave the immune system in a delicate state for hours. Distress, that feeling of permanent overwhelm, produces very surprising changes in the functioning of the brain and in the hormonal constellation".

Video: Dealing With Negative Thoughts. Sadhguru (September 2020).