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Hearmp3 music it's very easy over the internet. You only have to download from the network of specialized places, both free and paid.

We are going to give you some tips so that you can do it all. For example, from a CD you can "rip". Go for it.

To rip

1. Download deCDex. There is software that allows rip in a very easy way. CDex. You Google it and you can download it from many sites.

2. Start. Once installed on your PC, you put a CD in your computer's reader and tell the CDex read it. From this moment:

    • CDex connects to a database to fetch information.
    • After a few seconds you propose if what you have found is OK or not.
    • This will save you from typing the name of the author, songs, etc. Find amazing things !!!!

3. Rip. Start the ripping process itself. Tip: the more you compress the music, the worse the quality with which you can hear it. You must compress it according to the device in which you are going to listen to it (Ipod, computer, etc.). If it is a small device (example an IPod) it will compensate you to compress it a lot). If it's your computer, less. Keep in mind that the quality will never be that of the original CD where the music is.


If you buy an MP3 device (eg Ipod) take into consideration:

1. Memory size to store songs: + memory = + songs.

2.Battery duration. Watch out!!! a Cortano battery will allow you a minimum degree of autonomy for your trips and other places ...

3. Connection with computer. Find a way that is quick and easy.

4. Price and sizeA small size is more comfortable ... and a small price too !!!

King IPod

The "king" device is the Apple Ipod ... (find cheap iPod models on ebayIt is a genuine replacement for a hi-fi chain. It can store 10,000 songs ... !!!!!!!!! Related link: How an IPod works

Other ways to listen to MP3

1.If you record your MP3 collection on a CD or on a DVD as if it were on your own hard disk, you can use your TV or your "home cinema" as an excellent hi-fi player for your songs by displaying the songs you want to play on the screen.

2. Another way is Podcasting.

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