Nanosystems: Financing for a new center

Nanosystems: Financing for a new center

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation of the United States has donated $ 25.4 million to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for the creation of the so-called Nanoscale Systems Initiative (Initiative for Nanoscale Systems, or Nano-systems).

This patronage will allow the development of new scientific advances in the field of nanotechnology, specifically the creation of nano-devices capable of doing the job and even replacing today's most modern electronic systems.

According to many experts, Caltech is one of the leading universities in nanotechnology and nanoscience. This grant marks the second time this year that the University has received funding for research in this field, since earlier this year it received a grant of $ 7.5 million dollars to create an Institute for Nanoscience.

Caltech University, despite being relatively small (or perhaps precisely because of this) compared to the other large North American universities, is making important advances in fields as specific as Nanobiotechnology and Nanophotonics. In fact Richard Feynman, one of the fathers of Nanotechnology and author of the famous article "Sobra Sitio out there at the Fund" (There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom), was a professor at Caltech. And in 2000, the then President of the United States, Bill Clinton, chose this University to announce the now famous National Nanotechnology Initiative, the engine of advances in nanotechnology in this country.

  • Definition of Nanobiotechnology: it is the fusion of nanodevice engineering with the molecular and cellular machinery of living systems
  • Definition of Nanophotonics: is the application of new materials, new technologies and new nanofabrication processes for the development of new devices such as microlasers
  • Definition of Nanoscience: nanoscience is a term that refers to scientific research that helps discover the physical principles that control the function of devices that measure less than a trillion part of a meter.

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