Is the type of toys that we give to a child important?

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Did you know that the type of toy your child plays with can affect your communication?

Playing with electronic toys is associated with a reduction in the quantity and quality of a child's communication compared to playing with traditional books or toys.

To promote early language development, advises against that the Small children (infants) play with electronic toys. The best are stories, but when reading books is not one of your child's favorite activities, traditional toys can be a valuable alternative for playtime.

Electronic toys that make noises or light up attract a lot of children's attention by activating their orientation reflex. This primitive reflex forces the mind to focus on new visual and / or auditory stimuli.

The importance of playtime.

Currently, the time parents have to play with their children is limited, so optimizing the quality and quantity of playtime between parents and children is important.

So it is important to know if the type of toy used during the game could influence the communicative interaction between parents and children, something very important in language development.

The authors of a new study conducted a controlled experiment with 26 pairs of parents and children between 10 and 16 months of age who were given three sets of toys:

  • Electronic toys: a baby laptop, a talking farm and a baby mobile phone.
  • Traditional toys: a solid wood puzzle, a shape sorter and rubber blocks with photos.
  • Stories about farm animals, shape or colors.

Why electronic toys are discouraged.

It was found that while the children played with electronic toys there was less communication parent-child than when they played with traditional toys or books.

These results provide clear evidence for discourage the purchase of electronic toys which are promoted as educational and which are also usually quite expensive. They also support potential benefits of reading books with very young children and highlight the importance of play with traditional toys in parent-child communicative interactions.

Reading books or stories offers numerous benefits that cannot be obtained with other activities such as acquiring new vocabulary, while playing with traditional toys, such as blocks and puzzles, offers cognitive and developmental benefits.

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