Advances in nanomedicine

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The world's leading publisher of scientific and medical publications, Elsevier, has just announced the forthcoming launch of the first journal specializing in nanomedicine and the science use of molecular devices to diagnose and treat disease. The publication is titled Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, and is the first official publication of the North American Academy of Nanomedicine. The first issue will be out in March 2005.

According to the director of the new journal, Dr. Chiming Wei of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “Nanomedicine has advanced very rapidly in recent years, with promising applications in fields such as cancer cell recognition, drug labeling, stem cells and control and repair of DNA damage. We hope this magazine offers a new focus on the efforts made to advance this revolutionary technology for medicine and human health. "

Nanomedicine will collect articles on basic and clinical nanomedicine, advances in diagnostics and medical applications, pharmacological nanomedicine, engineering and biotechnology for clinical applications, etc. Reports will also be published on new techniques and tools, the commercialization of nanomedicine, ethics within the field of nanomedicine and financing possibilities for research in nanotechnology applied to medicine.

Interested parties may subscribe to the digital version of Nanomedicine or to the ScienceDirect fund.

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