How to make homemade puzzles

How to make homemade puzzles

Homemade cube puzzle (with printable illustration)

Recycle your old puzzle pieces and make a new one. You can draw new pictures on a sheet, use photos or download and print the illustrations we have prepared. Then you just have to cut and paste the drawings again on the blocks.

Material needed to make the homemade puzzle:

  • Three cubes
  • Illustrations (6 total, 1 for each side of the cube)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to assemble the homemade puzzle:

  • Once the illustrations are downloaded, cut out each piece separately (each square is one of the faces of the cube)
  • Then glue the pieces to the cube carefully

To download the illustrations, click on the images or on the following link. I recommend printing the drawings on photo paper or cardstock.

  • Download printable puzzles

You can make puzzles with photos of yourself, with photos from magazines, with letters or numbers. You just have to follow the same scheme, measure the old pieces and create new images that adapt to the size of the old pieces.

You can also draw or paint the pieces with geometric figures

Homemade puzzle made with photos

To make a homemade photo puzzle, put all the pieces you are going to use together and put them together. Measure the size they occupy, width and height and print a photo with that size, then you have to measure the size of each cube and mark the lines where you are going to cut the pieces to glue them to the cubes.

You can paste 8 different photos if they are cubes, 1 photo for each face or paint the rest of the faces in colors.

You can draw directly on the pieces or cut and paste pictures from magazines

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