Attila phrases

Attila phrases

Attila leader of the Huns, remembered by his nickname "The scourge of God", bloody warrior and destroyer, has both admirers and detractors. These are Attila's phrases.


  • If Attila the Hun were alive today, he would be a theater critic. (Edward Albee)
  • If an incompetent boss is fired, we can rarely appoint his highest ranking subordinate in his place. (Attila)
  • Never use arbitration, this allows a third party to determine your fate. (Attila)
  • The longer the grass, the better it cuts. (Attila)
  • Grass never grows under the hooves of his horse (Attila). (Unknown author)
  • There is no more blood shed than by the sword of King Attila. (Unknown author)

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